Mary Mihelic received her Masters of Fine Arts degree from Parsons the New School for Design in 2006.  She recently completed an artist residency at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Studios at Mass MoCA/Assets for Artists program). Her artworks have been shown in New York City and around the nation.  Prior to getting her M.F.A., Mary studied art extensively at the Museum School in Boston and at the SMFA’s programs in Venice, Italy.  (She also attended Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart, an all-girls high school in the Chicago area. That history plays a part in her Running Girl Series.  In addition, growing up, her family was friends with members of the IBO tribe in Nigeria).

An excerpt from her artist statement reads, “In a time when people are leaving churches in record numbers and the historic relationship between religion and the art world has washed away, I make art about those things that bring us to our knees and humble us: the power of the ocean, the meltdown of a nuclear power plant, the courage of 53 school girls running for their lives... the moments that transcend religion.” She is fascinated by the way the imagination makes God a reality in the form of faith. 

As an artist, she examines what makes us believe anything we don’t see for ourselves.  ISIL beheads an American on camera and we first wonder if it is real.  We see images showing the horror of chemical weapons in Syria and question their legitimacy.  She comments on how the real heroes are the protestors.  They have the most faith.  They are the first to believe.  

Mary has exhibited at  Sculpture Key West; her kneeler installation at One Brooklyn Bridge Park’s spctlclr vws show was mentioned in the New York Times; and her street art includes enormous pink earmuffs placed on NYC air conditioners still sticking out windows on the coldest day of the year.  


Mary Mihelic is also presently part of the t.Rutt artist team making art about

Donald Trump.  One of the artworks involved buying a former Trump campaign

bus when it went up for sale on Craigslist and transforming it into a contemporary

traveling anti-Trump artwork.  The art has been featured on The BBC London,

The Rachel Maddow Show, Vice, Fuji TV, Deutschland Radio, W Radio South

America, Univision, Bete TV, Arte TV and featured in Rolling Stone,

The New York Times, Hyperallergic, The LA Times, The Guardian,  The Atlantic,

USA Today, Artnet, Artnews, Quartz, The Art Newspaper, Artforum, Voice of America (Turkey),

The Economist, Newsweek, Business Insider, The Sydney Morning Herald...

and publications worldwide.  The back of the bus now has Trump’s slogan in Arabic and

reads “Birthed in the USA”.  The sides read “#women trump trump” and

“#make fruit punch great again”.   See more at

Artwork from the  Running Girl Series Running_Girl_30.html

Email: mihelicm [at]

Twitter: @brklynartist


February and March 2018

Art of the Subconscious

New artworks created as a result of hypno-therapy

Theta Spring/Contra Studios

New York, New York

Spring 2018

VIOLATED! Women in Holocaust and Genocide

Selected Running Girl Artworks

Ronald Feldman Gallery

Curator: Dr. Batya Brutin and Academic Advisors

Remember the Women Institute

New York, New York


May, June July 2017

Core Club

New York, New York

Open Carry: The Right to Bear Art

May 24 through August 19, 2017

Art on the Front Lines


New York, New York

Desecration Flags

APRIL 2017


Curated by Jackie Dreier

New York, New York

T.rump Campaign Bus, Desecration, and

This is What a Feminist  Looks like

APRIL 2017


Art and Politics

New York University, New York

JUNE 18-19 2016


“Of the People”

Brooklyn, New York

T.rump Campaign Bus

March 2016


New York, New York

T.rump Campaign Bus


April 6 to 18, 2017


Curated by Jackie Dreier

New York, NY

Running Girl 8 and 18

FALL 2016

Grunin Center for the Arts, Solo Show

Running Girls Series

Ocean Gallery

Ocean College, Tom’s River, New Jersey

Artist-in-residence October 3 - 10th, 2016
Invited Guest Speaker:

Beyond the Classroom: Global Education for Girls

FALL 2016

Georgian Court University

(in collaboration with the Grunin Center), Solo Show

Running Girls Series

November 2016

Lakewood Township, New Jersey

Invited Guest Speaker as part of Critical Concerns 2016:

Women’s Voices in the Jubilee Year of Mercy

Winter/Spring, 2016

Crane Arts Solo Show

Running Girls Series

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fall/Winter 2015

Body Politic

Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center at Gibney Dance

New York, New York

October 12 to December 11

Running Girl 8 (mercy, beaucoup haram)

Fall 2015


(The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art)

Artist Residency:

The Studios at MASS MoCA/Assets for Artists

October 30 to November 13

North Adams, Massachusetts

Winter 2016

Conception Art Fair

Shown by Crane Arts, Philadelphia

Running Girl Artworks and Installation

December 1 to 6

Miami, Florida

Spring 2015

The Cornell University Johnson Museum

April 25th, 2015

Curated by visiting scholar Dr. Joan Osa Oviawe

Fall, 2015

Osilas Gallery, Season X,  Ten-year Retrospective

Running Girl 16, Steal Home

Sept 12 thru October 25

Bronxville, New York

February 17 thru  April 2, 2015

Gallery Bergen -- Solo show

Running Girls Series

Bergen County Community College

Bergen, NJ

March 8-11, 2015

CIES Conference :

Imagining a Humanist Education Globally

(The Comparative and International Education Society)

Ten Running Girl Artworks on Exhibition

Washington Hilton

Washington D.C.

Invited Guest Speaker, March 8th,

as part of International Women’s Day

Conception Gallery

Running Girl Artworks

“Woman Up”

March 27th thru April 2

Long Island City

New York, NY


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Trump’s old Campaign Bus in the Bible Belt