60” x 44”

Mixed Media on paper

Winter 2015



On February 24th (2014), the Daily Mail reported that some Boko Haram fighters were disguising themselves as women and wearing layers of colorful clothing in an attempt to avoid the attention of security officials.  Only they refused to shave off their thick jihadi beards so they were caught.  Detail imagery below shows a terrorist in a school uniform skirt and a B grade since “B” is for boy not girl. 

2014 Copyright Mary Mihelic, Artist.  All rights reserved.

BELOW: The artwork is exhibited on books at the Comparative and International Education Society conference in Washington DC.  The books are books that schoolgirls who are the same age as the kidnapped girls would read.  The artwork is framed in running shoelaces and white bridal lace blackened with charcoal.  The lace symbolizes forced marriage and widowhood. The four gold stars pins in the corners not only symbolize doing well on schoolwork but also refer to the way the military honors wartime heroics and battle.  The stars resemble the gold stars that memorialize soldiers who died in the war.  They also relate to the star on the flag of Islam.  The stars also allude to Wonder Woman.