2014, Copyright Mary Mihelic, Artist.  All rights reserved.

60” x 44”

Mixed Media on paper

Winter 2015




On February 18th (2015) in Chicago, U.S. Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush spoke about how he would manage foreign policy if elected and while doing so mispronounced the Boko Haram, calling them the “Beaucoup” Haram.  So this artwork incorporates text art that reads “mercy, beaucoup haram”.   Merci is spelled with a “y”, since the artist did not want to thank the Boko Haram, instead ask them for mercy.   Jeb Bush is Catholic so the art also alludes to Christianity being under attack by the Boko Haram. By incorporating French into the text, the art references Charlie Hebdo and asks us how this incident and the recent museum attack will affect us as artists. The text is cut out of the paper similar to the way holes are punched down the side of notebook paper.

Detail imagery shows a birthday candle since the girls have been missing for one year.  Detail imagery references recent reports that two of the kidnapped girls were “disobedient” so they were brutally raped and tied to trees and left to die.   The artwork comments on how we, as Americans, educate ourselves about foreign affairs.

BELOW: The artwork is exhibited at the Woman Up show at Conception Gallery in New York City.  The frame is made from an old drawing that has been cut and hole-punched like the edges of notebook paper.  It is “the artist’s notes” that enabled her to make this drawing.