2014 Copyright Mary Mihelic, Artist.  All rights reserved.

An Australian international advisor, Dr. Stephen Davis, contacted Boko Haram commanders and arranged for sixty of the girls to be freed in a goodwill gesture towards a peace deal with the government.  At the time, the girls were held in Cameroon and the commanders agreed to drop the girls at a specific location. They brought them in twenty different trucks.  Only 15 minutes before Davis and his team arrived, the girls were kidnapped again by another group which demanded ransom for them.  So the deal failed.  (In the end, the original kidnappers got the girls back.)  One of the truck drivers was a young man also kidnapped by the Boko Haram who took advantage of the situation to help a few girls escape.  The girls he helped hid in the bushes.  One of the girls had somehow managed to keep her cell phone from getting confiscated the entire time and had it in her bra.   The girls had no idea where they were or which direction they were heading.   When the one girl called her family, they told her to walk west by following the sunset.  The girls were eventually reunited with their families.   The text in this artwork reads “follow the sunset”.   The numbers relate to the phone number the artist would have called when their age and lost.  The N relates to North and Nazarene (which Isis is painting on the doors of all the Christians in Syria and Iraq).

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58” x 45”

Mixed Media on paper

Fall 2014