2015 Copyright Mary Mihelic, Artist.  All rights reserved.

The words “a visual glory hellelujah” are based on the writer Nicholson Baker’s description of popular video games  as “a visual glory hallelujah.”  The text art makes the connection between video games and violence since Jihad extremists are taking the world’s most violent video game, Grand Theft Auto, and creating versions in which young players act as Jihad terrorists going on wild killing rampages.  (So extremists are now using western video games to romanticize war and recruit westerners who will then turn around and kill westerners.)  The art uses imagery that is reminiscent of the most profitable video game ever made, Pac-Man.  The right edge and crown references school notebook paper’s ripped edges.

The crown of gold star “thorns” is made from gold star pins which symbolize doing well on schoolwork and the way the military honors courage in battle.  The “crown of stars” points to Christianity and education being under attack.  The crown also refers to the laurel wreath given to victorious marathon runners.   

The crown is also part of a chess metaphor (the queen) as a symbol for St. Theresa of Avila.  St. Theresa wrote about playing the game of chess as a metaphor for seeking God.  She is often portrayed with an arrow through her heart and believed to have died from wounds inflicted from the arrows of divine love.  

60” x 44”

Mixed Media on paper