2015 Copyright Mary Mihelic, Artist.  All rights reserved.

After almost two years missing, this artwork is about the passing of time and hope.  The skirt is in the form of a calendar showing the phases of a blue moon as a symbol for a miraculous occurrence. The graduation gown is made from discarded drawings (what the artists considers her notes) cut in the form of the ripped edges of notebook paper.  The phases of the moon on the left side are in the pattern of a rosary, alluding to praying and hoping for the girls over the passing of time (and Christianity being under attack).  Detail imagery shows girls studying in the hopes the girls will return home and find a way to rebuild their lives.   The artwork is in the shape of an A+. The orange running shoe lace relates to the line running down notebooks.

60” x 44”

Mixed Media on paper

July 2015