2015 Copyright Mary Mihelic, Artist.  All rights reserved.

46” x 60”

Mixed Media, photo-collage and LEDs on paper

Fall 2015


The text art running across the top of this artwork reads, “God created war so Americans can learn geography.” This quote was first attributed to American writer Ambrose Bierce (approx. 1900). The star pin on the map is made from a pink LED light and glows from behind.  The pin points to the city where the artist lived when she was the same age as the kidnapped girls, attending an all-girls Catholic school, and studying geography.  The halo glow comments on how blessed we are to live in America. It also refers to how America often attempts to play God around the world.  The other LED light that flashes on and off warning of danger.  It symbolizes limbs lost and all those injured in these holy wars, spiritually, physically and psychologically. 

The lights are bicycle lights -- referencing the things the kidnapped schoolgirls might be doing if they were lucky enough to grow up in a different place on the map.  The running girl image over the map reflects on all the migrants running around the globe.  Across the top, the artist collaged the photos she studied while making the artwork (her notes) and cut the words into them in a way that symbolizes a notebook paper’s ripped edge. 

Framed with bridal lace blackened with charcoal and running shoe laces: