2017 Copyright Mary Mihelic, Artist.  All rights reserved.

The artwork is inspired by the young women studying art at Ocean College.  During my artist residency there, I was in a room full of young girls drawing a still life in the middle of the room.   The still life included a sculpture of a woman’s torso.  I also sketched the torso and placed it in the womb of this drawing as a symbol of stillborn babies (since many of the kidnapped girls have been or are pregnant.)  The art reflects on how young women learn to draw and how creativity can be nurtured and grow or die.   It comments on how the families of the kidnapped schoolgirls lives have been stilled by their kidnapping and for them time is still.  The running girl is holding a scroll which is the symbol of St. Sophia of Rome (she is known as the ice saint and here the scroll alludes to diplomas.  The saint reference symbolizes life being frozen in time). The blue bicycle light symbolizes a diploma and a halo.  The darkened bicycle light symbolizes death.  The timeline on the left runs vertically and hints to notebook holes and textbook timelines.  The dates are out of order since, according to Christian theologian C.S.Lewis, God is timeless.  So in this timeline which includes past, present and future events, they do not happen chronologically.    Events listed include: 1920 when women won the right to vote; May 7, 2015 when Michelle Obama joined the #bringbackourgirls campaign; circa 27 when Mary Magdalene was not stoned;  99 Ka when the Mitochondrial Eve lived in Africa; and 1890 when 150 to 300 Lakota women and children were killed at Wounded Knee.

60” x 44”

Mixed Media on paper

Fall 2016


2016 Copyright Mary Mihelic, Artist.  All rights reserved.