Mary Mihelic is part of the t.Rutt artist team which bought a former Trump campaign bus when it went up for sale on Craigslist and transformed it into a contemporary traveling anti-Trump artwork.  (That was in October 2015 – when Trump was still a longshot.  The company Trump leased the bus from put it up for sale in Iowa.  Prior to theTrump campaign leasing the bus it was used for bachelor parties, so it has a stripper pole inside it.)  At the time, the artists planned to use the bus for a month or two -- until Trump dropped out of the race – and then resell the bus for exactly what they paid for it.  Only Trump kept winning.   Since 2015, the artwork has been all over the country.  The artists have driven to dozens of Trump rallies and talked to thousands of Trump supporters about voting for Trump.  

The artists first changed the bus to read T.RUMP instead of TRUMP.  Trump’s campaign slogan was crossed out and replaced with #women trump trump on one side and #make fruit punch great again on the other.   An arabic version of Trump’s tagline was added to the back of the bus.  It keeps evolving.  The artists on the t.Rutt team are Mary Mihelic and David Gleeson.   The art has been featured in news around the world including Rolling Stone, The Rachel Maddow Show, Univision, Vice, The BBC London, PBS Newshour, The Guardian, The Economist, Newsweek, The New York Times, The LA Times, The Miami Herald, The Atlantic, Good Magazine, Business Insider, Artnews, Artnet, Hyperallergic, Artforum, the Art Newspaper, FUJI TV,  Sculpture Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, Voice of America and more....

Mary Mihelic, Anti-Trump Artworks.

Crisscrossing America during the presidential campaign season.

ABOVE: David practicing his golf swing in Nashua during the New Hampshire 2016 primary - hinting Trump should stick to real estate and golf courses, not politics.  Since Trump has been said to be a big cheater on the golf course, the performance reflects on Trump’s honesty both on and off the golf course.  The artwork included a challenge to Trump: a round of golf in which it would be impossibe to cheat.  Trump hasn't taken up the challege yet.  

ABOVE:  The bus has over a million miles on it.  It's top speed is 50 m.p.h. and 7 m.p.h.uphill.   When it broke down in Wyoming, it was towed to Laramie where the radiators were rebuilt.   BELOW: Photos from the road and the 2015/16 Trump rallies.

BELOW LEFT: The bus evolved as an artwork.  We put Trump's campaign slogan in Arabic on the bus while we were in Florida; "Birthed in the USA" was added in North Carolina; and "Save water only waterborad on Monday, Wednesday, Friday" was created on Earth Day -- on our way to California.  BELOW RIGHT: The old-school map on the bus helped us keep track of the primary schedule with dates and states pencilled in around the edges.

BELOW: The bus has been spray-painted, egged, keyed, ketchupped, basketballed, spit at... people try to run it off the road.  Since it was getting vandalized when unattended, we had to disguise the bus when parked. We created fake fruit punch advertisements and now hang these on the bus over the TRUMP name when not driving the bus.  The fake fruit punch ads are based on the 2016 fallen GOP candidates: Jeb's Low Low Low-Energy Fruit Punch covers one side; Ted's Extra-Christian Cranberry Fruit Punch covers the back of the bus; and Ben'zzz Sleepytime Fruit Punch hides the other side.  Shown parked at night in Las Vegas.

BELOW LEFT: When Supreme Court Justice Antonia Scalia died, the artists roped off a double-wide seat for him.  BELOW CENTER:  The artists wrap Trump political yard signs wrapped in burkas.  BELOW RIGHT: When Trump got in a tiff with the Pope, the team created a dashboard shrine from a t-shirt they found on the bus.  

ABOVE: After Justic Scalia died we roped off a double wide seat in memory of him.  MIDDLE: Trump yard signs wrapped in burkhas.  RIGHT: After Trump got in a tiff with the Pope, we added a dashboard shrine to the bus.   BELOW LEFT: The artworks titled Open Carry: the Right to Bear Art were created on the road and comment on the gun culture in the USA.  Mary is holding one atop the bus in Vegas - over a year before the deadly shootings there.   BELOW RIGHT: Shown stored in the bus on the artist's gun rack.

BELOW: The day after Trump won the 2016 election, the bus was in Miami. The artists crossed out part of the #WOMEN TRUMP TRUMP and just left the word MEN.  Then they added two golden teardrops to the bus.

BELOW: Photos from the road.

  Trump Signs

The Flags

The Wall Section 2

  Trump Signs

The Flags

The Wall Section 2


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