Mary Mihelic is part of the t.Rutt artist team which bought a former Trump campaign bus when it went up for sale on Craigslist and transformed it into a contemporary traveling anti-Trump artwork.  (That was in October 2015 – when Trump was still a longshot.  The company Trump leased the bus from put it up for sale in Iowa.  Prior to theTrump campaign leasing the bus it was used for bachelor parties, so it has a stripper pole inside it.)  At the time, the artists planned to use the bus for a month or two -- until Trump dropped out of the race – and then resell the bus for exactly what they paid for it.  Only Trump kept winning.   Since 2015, the artwork has been all over the country.  The artists have driven to dozens of Trump rallies and talked to thousands of Trump supporters about voting for Trump.  

The artists first changed the bus to read T.RUMP instead of TRUMP.  Trump’s campaign slogan was crossed out and replaced with #women trump trump on one side and #make fruit punch great again on the other.   An arabic version of Trump’s tagline was added to the back of the bus.  It keeps evolving.  The artists on the t.Rutt team are Mary Mihelic and David Gleeson.   The art has been featured in press around the world including Rolling Stone, The Rachel Maddow Show, Univision, Vice, The BBC London, PBS Newshour, The Guardian, The Economist, Newsweek, The New York Times, The LA Times, The Miami Herald, The Atlantic, Good Magazine, Business Insider, Artnews, Artnet, Hyperallergic, Artforum, the Art Newspaper, FUJI TV,  Sculpture Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, Voice of America and more....

Mary Mihelic, the anti-Trump artist with Trump's original campaign bus.

Crisscrossing America during the 2015/16 presidential campaign season.

The Trump Rally in Berlin (Maryland) – held on Hitler's birthday...

A rally in South Carolina.

The back of the bus included Trump's tagline in Arabic and "Save Water, only waterboard on Mon/Wed/Fri."

A man in Manning (North Carolina).

The view from the road.

Beep the Democrats.

Dueling buses.

Banners with fake fruit punch ads hide the Trump name at night to prevent vandalism.

The artist on the top of the bus with Open Carry (in front of the Trump Hotel in Vegas).

Southern California.

The Cairns in Nevada.

The radiators went in Wyo.

David practices his golf swing during a blizzard.

After Trump won, two golden teardrops were added and the bus changed again.

Imagery on the front of the bus included The Scrotal Majority, a black swan and Tropicana as the destination.

Some people don't read anymore.

The bus in NH during the primary.

The bus in Vegas.

Some do.

Driving by a Bernie Rally.

Should we tell her?

Too young to vote.

Dread Scott and Hank Willis Thomas at the VOLTA Art Fair in NYC.

Closer to the election.

The bus had a twenty-five cents swear jar inside.

The bus at Smack Mellon in Brooklyn.


2015-18 Copyright Mary Mihelic.  All rights reserved.