Mary Mihelic, Artist.

Turning oil leaks into oil paintings. Trump and Comey.

These artworks are inspired by the bus’s current oil leak. The artist collects the oil that leaks from beneath the bus and paints with it.  The oil has a golden glow when illuminated.  The art highlights the importance of all the White House leaks in discovering the truth about such a tyrannical figure. The light is a metaphor for how visibility is critical in politics.  The art references the oil industry, Russia, Trump's environmental policies, climate change and the Christopher Steele Dossier.  

The first one of Trump is titled “Trump  Bus Leaked Oil Painting 1: Golden Shower.”  It is 52 inches x 42 inches on paper.  The second image is Trump and Comey.  It is titled “Trump Bus Leaked Oil Painting 2: He’s a Leaker.”  It is 42 inches x 42 inches on paper and also has leak-stop waterproofing tape over Comey’s mouth (the artists use this tape on the bus for repairs).

Leaky oil paintings.


    Copyright Mary Mihelic.  All rights reserved.