Mary Mihelic, Artist.

Witches' Hats.

Moving Boxes.

Beer Can Collection.

Redacted Golf Scores.

Unredacted Coats.

These artworks are based on the Leaky Oil Paintings and also inspired by the bus’s current oil leak. The artist collects the oil that leaks from beneath the bus and paints with it.  The oil has a golden glow when illuminated (which fades over time).  The art highlights the importance of all the White House leaks in discovering the truth about such a tyrannical figure. The light is a metaphor for how visibility is critical in politics.  The art references the oil industry, Russia, Trump's environmental policies, climate change and the Christopher Steele Dossier.

The artworks also highlight the importance of having a sense of humor during highly emotional times.  Pieces of moving boxes symbolize the changing of power after an election and the actual move Presidents make in and out of the White House on Inauguration Day.  For example, the Moose Lambs includes an image of Melissa McCarthy holding up stuffed animals.  The sketch shows people numbered outside the Capital – hinting to how many people showed up on Trump's Inauguration Day.  The stuffed animal climbing over the top of the box symbolizes the insurrection. These mixed media artworks incorporate moving boxes, leaky oil, paper, stop-leak silver tape, ink, and bubble wrap and other media.


    Copyright Mary Mihelic.  All rights reserved.