Mary Mihelic, Artist.

Sewing Donald Trump's quotes onto American flags.

The artist started embroidering Trump quotes onto American flags on Flag Day.  She unveiled the new performance in 2106 in front of the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia.   The artwork comments on how, with a Presidential candidate saying everything from “There was blood coming out of her eyes” to “Look at these hands”, nothing is sacred anymore.  It reflects on how Trump is desecrating the country and juxtaposes his words against American ideals.  Performed at Trump rallies, it engages the supporters in a great dialogue about what quotes they would put on Trump flags.  The artwork attracts women who sew to the bus with the first question being, "What kind of sewing machine is that?"  Instead of being adversarial, the artists use their performances to create peaceful dialogue in ways like this.  Only when the artists found a 10’ x 15 ‘vintage flag in an antique store in southern California and embroidered Trump’s complete hot mic comment on it, the reactions were extreme.  The artists displayed the flag before the election at Trump rallies, early voting locations and political events.  Fistfights broke out over the hot mic flag.

The performance began outside

The Betsy Ross House.

...on Flag Day.

In the Great Plain States, the biggest question from women was "What kind of sewing machine is that?"

Little girls and big girls alike sew.

So many quotes, so little time.

Long before she did.

Sewing on both sides of the flag.

Take out their families?

Sewing at a Trump rally.

Insulting Iowans after a loss.  

Would Rittenhouse have gotten off if he shot someone on 5th Avenue, too?  

And misogyny won.  

The bleeding bobbin.  


The polls were definitely fake.  

The retort was always the same, "If you can't put it on a flag, don't put it in the White House."  


Methinks he protesteth too much.  

In honor of the Women's March.  

Go Bears.  

Sewn after Trump said he would jail those who desecrated or burnt the flag.  

In front of the White House.  

Discussing Desecration.  

At the Capitol right before the election.  


    Copyright Mary Mihelic.  All rights reserved.