Mary Mihelic, Artist.

Building the second section of Donald Trump's Mexico wall.

The first section of Donald Trump's border wall “disappeared” and the artists do not know what happened to it; it’s no longer there. So they went back to Jacumba and built the second section of Trump’s border wall.   It is made from ropes, old ladders, cinder blocks, and the “booties” found on site which Mexicans use when crossing over to the US so the border patrol can’t follow their footprints.  This section is titled: Vetting Wall: Trump Border Wall Section 2.  The text on the US side says, “Were we nice?” This refers to the US's treatment of Mexico and South America throughout history.  The text on the side facing Mexico says, “Are you nice?”  This reflects on Trump’s supposed vetting process.  He claims he is going to deport 11 million Mexicans, yet let the "good ones back in.” The boxes symbolize customs forms.  Shown in the background on the other side of the fence in Mexico — on the hillside is a small white building.  This is a shrine the Mexicans built honoring immigrants.  The art is white to honor that.   Playing on the ironies of US/Mexico relations at all levels, the artists mailed El Chapo a letter requesting protection for the new wall.  This wall is approximately 12 feet high x 20 feet long.   The tires in the artwork symbolize how the US rakes the dirt in front of the existing fence — the Border Patrol uses old tires to smooth the dirt path in front of the existing border wall so they can see footprints if anyone steps on it, so the Mexicans tie these booties over their shoes to hide their footprints and once they cross that dirt path, discard them.  

The Mexico Side is based on Trump's comment that he would let the nice immigrants in.

Booties found on site.

The US Side references how America treated South America throughout history.


   Copyright Mary Mihelic.  All rights reserved.

They make it harder for ICE to follow footprints.

After the first wall was bulldozed, the artists sent El Chapo an RFP (Request for Protection).